Leverage the first fully automated methane monitoring system down to the point source level. Our algorithms can autonomously detect methane anywhere on Earth, every few days.

Our Solution

Our algorithms allow to seamlessly detect leaks and emissions in satellite imagery.  Leverage our near-real time methane detections over any number of areas of interest,  anywhere on Earth.

Or get historical reports analyzing our data from 2015 to today. 


We showcase the application of our algorithms to a series of controlled methane release experiments conducted for aircrafts and satellites since 2020 in several experimental test sites. 

We are able to make the smallest methane detections ever found in general-purpose satellite imagery (Sentinel-2). With a false positive rate lower than 0.03%, our approach is currently the only one able to detect methane point sources fully automatically, with a reliable detection threshold in regions such as the Permian Basin at 200 kg/h and the smallest detected leaks so far being around 50 kg/h.

Our Technology

Our proprietary AI paradigm enables us to leverage powerful NASA and ESA satellites to autonomously pinpoint methane emissions at global scale and at an unprecedented accuracy. 


Pixel resolution



4 days
Median revisit time

2015 - today

Historical time series

Recent updates

Google Accelerator

We are thrilled to be joining the Google for Startups Accelerator, and are looking forward to collaborating with Google experts and mentors in the coming months.

NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge

We are honored and humbled to have been selected as winners of the NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge.  

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